Lexmark Printer Not Communicating with Your Computer

Lexmark brand manufactures a broad range of inkjet, laser, and multifunction printing devices and has been popular among the printer users in the world. In order to make your printer print successfully, you require a properly set up printer that should be communicating well with your system and other secondary devices.

When your Lexmark peripheral is facing issue receiving and processing data from your computer then Lexmark starts displaying communication-related errors on your screen. You must take the issue seriously and try to resolve the communication-related error asap in order to avoid any further damage. In this post, we have listed some troubleshooting ways to rectify your communication-related errors of Lexmark. If you need an expert help, visit support.lexmark.com.

Cover-Open Switch Issue

Time occurs when your Lexmark printer misleadingly reports a printhead error or an open cover, that further prevent the devices from accepting and processing data from your computer. Your system will then start displaying: ‘a cover sensor with a malfunctioning lever.’ This warning further triggers a cover-open error that will prevent you shutting down your printer and you will end up disconnecting your power cable in order to shut down. In order to troubleshoot the issue, you are required adjusting the lever or replacing the switch. To avoid the issue coming back, handle the printer carefully instead of slamming covers closed.

Network & Port-Sharing Problems/Errors

With this error, your printer will fail to operate properly if you try to connect it to more than one computer without using Ethernet or wireless networking. If your Lexmark printers have both parallel and USB ports, you shouldn't use them simultaneously. If you connect through a wireless network, allow enough time for the printer to finish initializing itself and it's network connection before you attempt to use it. You also may experience communication problems if you attempt to use the printer on the same port as a scanner or a multifunction device that includes scanning capability.

Faulty Cable Issues

A faulty USB cable with Lexmark Printer may display communication errors. If the cable exceeds 10 feet in length, replace it with a shorter one. Unplug any USB hubs and plug the printer directly into your computer. Even if the cable worked properly before the issue, try unplugging and replugging it and replace it with a new one

Internal Conditions like Ink, Toner, Paper

Check if your printer needs ink, toner or paper, or wants you to clear out a paper jam. Print jobs clear out of the print queue but don't emerge on paper until you resolve the printer's problem and put it back online. Verify that you've installed fresh& genuine cartridges. Don’t ever use a refilled consumable ink.

Printer Driver Issues

In addition to the issues of inside the printer, you can also get communication errors that trace back to the driver software you installed or updated to manage printer operations. Although MS-Windows includes built-in support for many output devices, including Lexmark products, its plug-and-play support only operates correctly if your peripheral can operate under the Windows version you use. If you feel certain that your device can function under your current computer configuration but no automatic support appears, use the Windows Control Panel's ability to add drivers manually.

Best Guidance provided by Lexmark Printer Technical Experts

Furthermore, if problems get hectic and unable to troubleshoot them then connect to our techies at Lexmark Printer Online Help and solve all hindrances within a minute. Our Lexmark expert engineers are diligent and well accomplish in diagnosing countable bugs by an email support.
If the above steps fail to troubleshoot your Lexmark Printer connection errors, we recommend you to try the trustworthy Lexmark printer Support Number, which is absolutely toll-free with availability 24x7. Our certified technical support team will assist you to sync your Lexmark printer with your system. You can also talk to us via Lexmark Live chat support.
Just note down our Lexmark printer support number.

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